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  • Absolute value

    An absolute value of a number x, written as |x|, is the distance from x to 0 on a real number line.
    See Absolute Value Equation

  • Accuracy

    How close a measurement is to an actual value.

  • Algebra

    The branch of mathematics involving the rules of operations and relations when working with variables.


  • Bar graph

    A graph with rectangular bars (plotted either vertically or horizontally) with lengths proportional to the values they represent.
    See Pie Charts & Bar Graphs


    The most common acronym for order of operations, meaning Brackets first, then Exponents, Division, Multiplication, Addition, and Subtraction.
    See Order of Operations

  • Binomial

    A polynomial with two terms or a sum of two monomials; e.g. 5x + 1.
    See Expanding