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Grade Calculator

It is beneficial to know how to calculate your current grade in a course in order to know what you need to achieve on your final exam to obtain your desired overall course grade. Below is an example of how to use the following grade calculator to determine your current course grade before the final exam.

To use this calculator, simply input your current percentage on an assignment, test or exam as well as the value it has towards your final grade. For each new assignment, test or exam, click on "Add New Assignment". Your results will be updated as you input assignments.


In Sally’s class, there are four categories of major assignments which sum up her final grade. The first category consists of three small assignments worth a total of 15% and the second category is a project worth 25%. She also has a midterm and a final exam worth 30% each.

Sally received the marks  7/ 10 4/ 5  and  15/ 20  on her three small assignments, 80% on her project and  25/ 40  on her midterm. She wants to calculate what her current mark is before she takes the final exam, so she can find out what score she will need to get on her final exam in order to get an overall average of 75% in the course.

Using this calculator, Sally can calculate her mark easily and quickly. First, she will have to calculate the total percentage of her three small assignments since they are all in the same category of assignments worth 15% of her final grade. The following is an example of how Sally adds up all of her small assignments:

A. Divide the mark given for each small assignment by the possible mark for each small assignment.

B. Add the marks given for each assignment. Then add the possible marks given for each assignment. Divide the given mark by the possible mark. The answer will be a decimal.

Grade Calculation example equation

C. Multiply the decimal by 100 to calculate the percentage.

0.7429 x 100=74.29%

With that percentage, Sally knows what she got in the assignments category.

In order to find the percentage of her midterm exam, Sally has to divide 25 by 40. She can take the answer (shown as a decimal) and multiply it by 100 to get the percentage.

25/ 40 =0.625 x 100=62.5 %

By plugging in the percentages of the marks she received from every category, Sally managed to figure out that she currently has 71.275% in the course, which is 2.7 GPA (see the grade calculator below).

In order to figure out what she needs to score on her final exam in order to achieve a final mark of 75% in the course, Sally took her current grade of 49.8935 (see grade calculator below) and subtracted that from her desired goal of 75 to get 25.1065. This means that Sally needs to get  25.1065/ 30  or 83.68% on her final exam to get a 75% in the course.