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Writing Process

Video Resources

Video Resources

The writing process

The Writing Process can also be explained to students through the following videos by Arizona State University + Crash Course and Lund University: 

Video one: Preview 

Video two: The writing process

Video three: Planning and the writing process 

Video four: The writing process and the process of writing 

Many people have difficulty writing because they often don’t know or don’t follow the steps to the writing process. Writing is rarely done well the first time. It is best to view it as a layered process whereby each layer is a step that adds to the entire finished product.

Much like building a house, writing requires a plan for the writer to follow when he or she is constructing the written work. The plan serves as a foundation for the work. Once the plan is established, the actual writing can be done. This involves several drafts to ensure that the message is clear to the reader. Lastly, the polishing stage is revising, editing and proofreading to make sure that the written work is clear, concise and understandable to the reader.

For more information about the writing process, download the Writing Process Tip Sheet.