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The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) Citations

Video Resources

Video Resources

How to use IEEE citations

For more information on how to use IEEE citations, watch the following video: 

Where do I use IEEE?

The IEEE method of documentation is used in many engineering, science, and software or programming courses. Always confirm with your professor what documentation method is required.

What does IEEE look like?

IEEE citations use a number within square brackets that corresponds to a source on your references list. Your sources are listed in the references list in the order that they are used in the assignment. The first citation used is listed as [1]. The following citations are listed in the order used, such as [2], [3], [4]. If you use a citation twice, simply use the corresponding number again (do not give it a new number). For example, the in-text references may read as [1], [2], [3], [4], [1], [4]. Place the citation exactly where the reference occurs, even if it is mid-sentence. Unlike other styles, the IEEE reference lists sort the references numerically (in the order used) not alphabetically. IEEE reference pages also use abbreviations (e.g., abbrev. of Publisher, abbrev. of Month, abbrev. of State, etc.); for common abbreviations, check the IEEE Reference Guide, section IV.

For more information on IEEE, view the official website for the IEEE Editorial Style Manual and the IEEE Reference Guide.

For additional material for creating citations, visit the Library website or these helpful resources: