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Video Resources

How to proofread

For more information on how to proofread, watch this video presented by Lund University:

Proofreading is all about searching your writing for errors, both grammatical and typographical, before submitting your paper. It is checking for unintentional errors in content, structure, and presentation.


  • Before you proofread, take a break. If you proofread after spending all day on your document, you may miss many errors.
  • Proofread slowly. Rushing could cause you to miss errors.
  • Check for spelling errors by reading from right to left. You will see each word this way.
  • If you use your computer's spellchecker, you still need to proofread. A spellchecker will not catch words that are spelled correctly but are the wrong word for the context.
  • Read out loud to catch minor errors.
  • Get someone else to read it.
For guidance on your proofreading, review the Effective Proofreading Tip Sheet