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There are many resources shared throughout the Time Management section of NOOL. In particular, check out the Organizational Tools section for many valuable tools and templates. The following are additional tools, software, and resources that may help you with your time management and organization:


Todoist is a helpful organizational app for optimizing your to-do list. It syncs across all of your devices, allows you to track your productivity, and helps you organize and reflect on your time.

Flora: Focus Habit Tracker:

Flora is a productivity and goal-reaching app that was built around the concept of planting trees. When you intend to work, Flora will block distracting apps so that you can focus on what is important.

You can also plant trees with friends and use each other to stay accountable. 

The app also provides daily, weekly, or monthly statistics of your activities to track your progress and reflect on your time management. 

iNote - Sticky Note by Color:

iNote is a free, simple app for creating sticky notes and reminders. This app helps organize notes, memos, messages, or emails. 

You can group notes by colour category and use this app to organize and plan both basic to complex tasks. 

Tip: Many students find it quick and easy to create mini colour-coded to-do lists using virtual Sticky Notes.   

Other App Recommendations

Another great resource is the College Info Geek, which provides several recommendations for apps, software, and other tools that can help you manage your time. The following articles by Roxine Kee provide recommendations for to-do list apps, scheduling apps, and time-tracking apps: