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Comma Splice

Video Resources

Video Resources

How to use a comma Splice

For more help using commas in your writing, watch the following videos by York University: 

Video one: The Simple Sentence 

Video two: Placing Emphasis using Commas
Video three: Interrupt yourself with Commas

Video four: Use a Comma to Add Extra Information

A comma splice occurs when two ideas are joined together with a comma. Unless the ideas are closely related, they should be placed in separate sentences. If the ideas are closely related, then it may be possible to join the ideas with additional words or different punctuation.


Sentences that contain too many ideas are considered to be run–on sentences.

  • Incorrect:
    •  I ate the chicken, it was dry. 
  • Correct: 
    • I ate the chicken. It was dry. 
    • I ate the chicken; it was dry. 
    • I ate the chicken, but it was dry.

 For information on comma splices, review the Comma Splice Tip Sheet.