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Stage 2: Drafting/Writing

Video Resources

Video Resources

How to start the writing process

For more information on drafting assignments, consider watching the following video by Arizona State University + Crash Course:

Upon completion of the planning stage, you are ready to begin writing. It is important to recognize that the writing stage involves several drafts. Each draft you write should serve a different purpose, so that the final drafts are the result of a series of steps that act as layers. For example, the first draft should be a record of your ideas from the planning stage. The next draft can incorporate the research and the evidence you use to support your main points. Finally, the third draft can ensure that the paragraph structure is correct and that the sources and your own ideas blend well into each paragraph and the overall written work.

It is important to build a solid foundation for your writing through the planning stage. The drafting/writing stage builds on that foundation by developing your ideas more with the research that you find. The next and final stage, revision, involves the polishing of the written work.