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Subject-Verb Agreement

The main idea (subject) in a sentence dictates the form of the verb (action or link) that supports it. If you are writing in the present tense, then the verb must be in the present tense. If the subject is singular (or plural), then the verb must be singular (or plural).

  • Incorrect: There is too many things going on to concentrate.
  • Correct: There are too many things going on to concentrate.
  • Correct: Too many things are happening for me to concentrate.
  • Incorrect: Mark’s baseball team were very talented.
  • Correct: Mark’s baseball team was very talented.


Words that represent a group of people, such as “team,” are treated as singular nouns. Although there are many people on a team, there is only one team; therefore, the noun is singular.

  • Incorrect: Students is studying for their mid terms
  • Correct: The students are studying for their mid-term exams.
  • Correct: The student is studying for her mid-term exam.