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When Researching, Keep Track of the Following

You need to make note of the following information about every source you use. Not every detail will be applicable in every case:

  • author(s)'s or editor(s)'s full names; or the group/body/organisation responsible

  • title of article or chapter

  • name of the journal, periodical or book

  • edition (if applicable)

  • publisher's name (if applicable)

  • place of publication (for book)

  • year of publication

  • volume number (for journal)

  • issue number (for journal)

  • page numbers

The following details should be noted, when available, to cite an electronic resource such as a web page.

  • name of the author or editor

  • title of the page (look in the bar at the top of your browser)

  • title of the site (go to the site's homepage)

  • date the page was last updated, or the copyright date

  • the full internet address (URL) of the page (http://etc.)

  • the date that you accessed the page

  • DOI (digital object identifier)

  • any other details that might help someone else find the part of the page or web site that you used