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Switching from Writer to Reader

Whew! I revised my writing. Am I done yet?

No. Now it is time to shift from writer mode to reader mode. Read the paper as if you were reading someone else's work and critique it:

  • What is good about the paper?

  • What can be made better?

  • What can be changed to make the paper more concise?

Repeat this process until you have a draft that you are happy with. Professional writers will revise multiple times, not just once or twice.

Ah, the final draft

Let your draft rest for a day or two after your revisions. This will give you time to move away from the project and give your thoughts time to settle. Distancing yourself from your work is never a bad thing. When you return to your draft, write down your purpose and audience. Ask the following questions:

  • Do I clearly state a main point throughout the writing?

  • Are the paragraphs arranged in a logical order?

  • Do each of my paragraphs link to the others and to my main point?

  • Will anyone even be interested in reading what I have written?

  • Does my conclusion logically flow from my body paragraphs?

  • Have I met my purpose for the intended audience?