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Thesis and Capstone Projects

Video Resources

Video Resources

How to write a thesis and capstone project

For more information on writing your Thesis or Capstone project using the IMRaD format, take time to watch this video from Lund University:

What are capstone and undergraduate thesis projects?

In capstone and thesis projects, you conduct research on a specific question in your subject area and complete a formal report. In these projects, you apply your previous undergraduate studies to a practical, hands-on project, often based on a "real-world" problem or question. You present your research findings in two ways. First, you write up your findings in a formal report. Second, you may be required to present your findings to your professors, classmates, higher academic groups or clients. The presentation may be a poster presentation, a talk about your research, or a presentation to a client and your advisor.  These expectations should be determined with your program advisor.

Who do I work with for these projects?

Thesis projects are normally conducted by individual students, under the supervision of a professor in the subject area.  This professor provides guidance and support as needed.  You will also have regular thesis meetings with an advisor in your faculty. Capstone projects may be undertaken by an individual student or with a self-selected group of six to eight peers.  The Capstone Project involves performing research and analysis on a key issue for a designated client.  In addition to the final formal report, you will submit progress reports to your capstone advisor.

How long should my project be?

The length of your project will depend on your faculty.  For example, thesis projects in the Faculty of Science can range between 20 and 50 pages, but a capstone project in the Faculty of Business and IT normally ranges between 10 and 15 pages and is no more than 40 pages.

When should I start thinking about my capstone or thesis project?

It is never too early to begin thinking about possible topics for your capstone or thesis; however, specific dates are provided by your individual faculty.


If you are unsure of important dates for registration, e-mail your academic advisor.