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Types of Writing

Learning how to write well is an ongoing process, and some students might think that, in their discipline, writing is not as important. However, writing plays an integral role in helping students to comprehend course material, develop and express ideas and nurture critical thinking skills. It is proven that if you write about something, you are more likely to remember it.  Each discipline incorporates written assignments in their courses, but there are different types of writing which vary in format, style and organization.

Whether you are writing a capstone or thesis project in fourth year engineering, a reflective paper in first year health sciences, a lab report in second year science or a research paper in social science, each of these assignments require that you write well.

Writing well is important for the “real world” because once you graduate you will have to communicate effectively to get and keep good jobs as well as communicate within that job. Writing well also helps you to better express your thoughts and verbally communicate with others.

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