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Writing in Education

In the Faculty of Education, you will be required to complete a variety of assignments, many of which will involve writing. For those of you with a science background, you may not have had many courses in which you wrote essays or reflection papers. If you have a humanities or social sciences background, writing essays will be a familiar experience. Now, however, the stakes have changed. Soon you will be a role model for hundreds of young people, and you will need to interact with parents, other teachers, and your new principal. You will write report cards for students that will stay in their files for years to come. In other words, unlike your university assignments, what you write in report cards, on student assignments, and in classroom newsletters will have a much larger audience and will remain in the records of your students for many years. Make sure that you strengthen your writing skills in this final year before you embark on your career – and do not forget, you will most likely be teaching and grading writing sometime during your teaching career!


The documentation style for citations and references will vary based on the discipline your assignment is in. Most education courses use APA, but, in English courses, you will probably use MLA and in history courses you might use the Chicago Manual of Style. Always confirm with your professor what style is required.