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Developing a Thesis Statement

Now that you have some ideas on the topic, it is a good idea to develop a research question about the written assignment. The question should be neither too broad nor too narrow and contain all the elements required in the assignment. If you compose a great research question, you should be able to answer it easily, and this answer becomes a preliminary thesis statement.

A thesis statement should answer the questions “How”? and “Why”?  It should also pass the “So what?” test. In other words, if a reader’s first response is, “So what? Why are you telling me this?” then you need to clarify, to forge a relationship or to connect the thesis to a larger issue.

Ultimately, the thesis should be significant to the reader. A thesis must take a position that others might challenge. If you, as the writer, cannot foresee any objections to the thesis, then it is not strong enough.

Thesis development: Impact example

We are now at the stage where we will create a thesis statement from our brainstorming. Our brainstorming web has been completed, and we need to know a topic to search for in the library.

This thesis statement is intended to guide our research process and the outline of our paper. Our thesis statement can also be called our research question or research statement.

Let us begin by taking a look at our thesis statement checklist. As we can see, our thesis statement is intended to drive the focus of our paper. We have already brainstormed our ideas and narrowed our topic to become more precise.

Following my brainstorming work, I have created a sample thesis statement which will lead my research. This thesis statement will lead me to research new technological advances in music and music piracy. Similar to my brainstorming, this statement is broad which will allow me plenty of room to explore throughout my research.

As you research, your topic will become more defined based on the information you find through your research.

Throughout my research process, I have redefined my thesis to look more at morals and the legality of music piracy. I have adapted my research statement to reflect this more refined focus.

This is by no means my final research statement. It has the potential to change as I further my research and begin writing the drafts of my paper.

Thesis development: Psychology example