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Sentence Structure: Prepositional Phrases

Some common prepositions:

in to by after except despite
on out from along upon during
of at as with across among

Other examples, where a preposition has to be removed in order to provide a subject for the sentence:

  • By asking his name, age and comfort level allows my patient to be involved in the treatment.
  • At 9 o’clock is when the lecture begins.
  • With hard work helps me to keep up-to-date with my studies.

Try now to correct the following:

  1. In the lecture by Dr Bahra cleared up the confusion.
  2. As the late class made me miss my bus.
  3. During driving to Montreal made me very tired.
  4. As the weather yesterday was hot and humid.
  5. With Caroline and I are going to the mall tomorrow.
  6. At Dr Brown’s office is full of books.
  7. Among everyone in the class failed their mid-term test.
  8. After Soheil tried to tell me how to get to his house.

Check possible answers

For guidance, read the Sentence Structure Tip Sheet.